You can set a star rating only for Hotel (non-Home) properties. For example, Hostel, Resort, Motel or Capsule Hotel among others and not Apartment or Villa and so on.

To verify whether your property belongs to a Hotel property, see the property class type table.

Exception for France and its territories

As an exception you can set star rating for Home properties that are located only in France and its territories (country codes FR, YT, GP, MQ, RE, and GF).


Field Description Type Min/max Notes
Details of an award. object 0..* -
The type of award. enum 0..1 Accepts: Star rating
The number of stars. Can be set only once at the time of creating a property. Once set, you cannot change this value. int 0..1 Accepts: 05. Some countries don't use star ratings.


  Provider="Star rating"
  Rating="3" />