Special services codes 218 and 5038 soon to be deprecated

You can still set up children policies and special bed options following the old version, but you should follow the new version instead. For more information, see the updated version of setting up children policies.


Field Description Type Min/max Notes
Specifies the maximum age of what the property sees as a child. You should use it in relation to special service codes 218 and 5038. enum 0..1 It accepts the following format: max_age_{age number}, with {age number} being an integer from 1 to 18. For example, max_age_12.

Max age includes specified age

When setting the max age, be aware that it includes that age. So when you specify max_age_12 for a property, it means that the property sees children as aged from 0 up to 12, which makes 13 and above adults.