Last edit: Mar 08, 2023.

The functionality supported by AreaInfo and HotelInfo > RelativePositions are soon to sunset is deprecating the functionality of specifying/retrieving nearby attractions and the property's relative position information using AreaInfo and HotelInfo > RelativePositions as of March 15, 2023, and will sunset on June 30, 2023. automatically generates the nearby places and the property's relative position information. Please see [the deprecation policy documentation][property-area-info] for more details.

This documentation section contains an API solution that is soon to sunset. You can still access the topic by clicking the expand icon.



Field Description Type Min/max Notes
Motorway/highway junction/exit to take. object 0..1 -
The name of the junction/exit to take, if travelling by car. string 1..1 TransportType[@Code="5"] (car).


  Name='Amsterdam Zuid' />