Field Description Type Min/max Notes
Standard phrase details. object 0..* -
Specifies whether the standard phrase is enabled. int 1..1 1 = true, 0 = false.
Specifies which standard phrase must be displayed. enum 1..1 See @Name.
- array of Option 0..1 Required if @Name is KeyCollection, Renovation, or SecurityDeposit. See also @Name.


StandardPhrase[@Name] accepts the values in the table below. Some values require the presence of one or more Option children inside StandardPhrase element.

Value Description
GuestIdentification Guests must show photo identification and credit card when checking in.
InformArrivalTime Guests must inform the property in advance of their expected arrival time.
KeyCollection Guests must collect their key at a specified address. Use Option elements to specify the address details.
PayBeforeStay Guests must pay for their stay in advance with a bank transfer.
Renovation The property will be undergoing renovations during a specified period. Use Option elements to specify the start and end date.
SecurityDeposit Guests must pay a specified amount as a refundable deposit, to cover any damages they cause to the property. Use an Option element to specify the amount.
TattooRestriction Guests with tattoos are not allowed to use certain facilities at the hotel, such as communal baths.
RequireInvoice If guests require an invoice when booking a prepaid rate, they must write this request and their company details in the Ask a question box.
EarlyDeparture In the event of an early departure, the property will charge guests the full amount for their stay.
PedestrianZoneOnly This property is located within a pedestrian-only zone.
LimitedParking Parking is subject to availability due to limited spaces.
AccessByUnpavedRoad This property is accessible via an unpaved road, which may be unsuitable for some vehicles.
OnsiteFunctions This property may host on-site functions and some rooms may be affected by noise.
NoHenStagParty This property will not accommodate hen, stag or similar parties.
ResidentialArea This property is located in a residential area and guests are asked to refrain from excessive noise.
BusyArea This property is located in a busy area and guests may experience noise.
HalfBoardNoDrinks When booking half board, please note that drinks are not included.
NoPublicTransport Guests are advised to bring their own vehicle as this property is not serviced by public transport.