Rates & Availability API overview

Use the Rates & Availability API to set availability, rates, and restrictions for a property's rooms on Booking.com.

Availability, room types, and rates

You must specify a property's available inventory (the number of rooms or apartments of each type the property wants to sell on Booking.com) based on a room type ID. You can't specify availability at rate level, even if the room type has multiple rates. In other words, if room type 11 is available 10 times, you can't specify that it can be sold 6 times for rate 21, and 4 times for rate 22. You can only specify the total availability for room type 11 as 10.

Pricing model

To use the API, you must support at least one of the following pricing models. Follow the links to learn more about each model.

  • Maximum/single

    You specify two prices for each combination of room (except single rooms) and date: one for maximum occupancy, and one for single guests.

  • Derived pricing

    You specify one price for each room and date, based on a fixed number of occupants. You also specify "offsets" for us to derive different prices for different numbers of occupants.

  • Length-of-stay

    You specify a price for every possible combination of room, date, number of occupants, and length-of-stay. You cannot specify additional restrictions on availability.

Each pricing model has particular requirements that you must meet to use it. Our Connectivity Support team can tell you more.

Availability restrictions

If you use any pricing model other than Length-of-stay, you can restrict the availability of a room in different ways:

  • Specify a minimum and/or maximum number of days a guest must book in advance.
  • Specify a minimum and/or maximum length-of-stay if a reservation includes a certain date.
  • Specify a minimum, maximum, or exact length-of-stay if a guest checks in on a certain date.
  • Make a room unavailable to book if the guest checks in and/or checks out on a certain date.
  • Make a room unavailable to book on a certain date.

To create these restrictions, you must include certain fields in your request. These fields are different for the OTA and B.XML endpoints.

You can apply restrictions to individual dates and to date ranges. Restrictions can also overlap.

Be careful with restrictions

It is possible to accidentally make a room completely unavailable by setting multiple, overlapping restrictions. The API doesn't validate this — it will not return errors or warnings if your restrictions conflict or overlap.