Legal Entities (B.XML)

This call is intended for the Connectivity Partner to be able to retrieve a list of their corresponding legal entity information.

HTTP request


Request headers

Header Description Type Required Notes
Authorization Machine account username and password string Required Example: Authorization: Basic {username:password}

Request body

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Field Description Type Min/max Notes
request Root element. object 1..1 -
username Machine account username. string 0..1 -
password Machine account password. string 0..1 -

Response body

  <legalentity affiliateid="333333"
               companyname="Company Name 1, Inc."
               country="United States of America"
               numberofproperties="200" />
  <legalentity affiliateid=""
               city="Jersey City"
               companyname="Company Name 2"
               country="United States of America"
               numberofproperties="25" />
  <!-- example output. Use the API for a complete updated list -->
Field Description Type Min/max Notes
legalentities Root element. array of `legalentity 1..1
legalentity Legal entity details. object 0..1
legalentity[@hotelpartnerid] Hotel partner ID. string 0..1 Deprecated.
legalentity[@legalentityid] An identifier for the legal entity that owns or manages a property (such as a property management company or hotel chain.). When you create a property with Content API, you must provide a legal entity ID in the creation request. string 0..1
legalentity[@companyname] The commercial name of your company, like you would use on a website or business cards. string 0..1
legalentity[@legalcontactemail] Contact email of the legal entity. string 0..1
legalentity[@city] City of the legal entity. string 0..1
legalentity[@country] Country of the legal entity string 0..1
legalentity[@numberofproperties] The number of properties (at different addresses) listed under the legal entity. int 0..1
legalentity[@affiliateid] Unique ID you can share with your clients to let them confirm their affiliation with you. string 0..1

As with every standard response, an RUID string terminates the message inside an XML comment node and should be stored by the Connectivity Partner for at least 30 days.


No common, known errors exist with this call.

If an error/warning is encountered, and basic troubleshooting methods have been found ineffective, please provide the error/warning message along with the RUID of the response message to your support contact.