A changelog records and lists notable changes to products or projects with links to the relevant documentation. This changelog also includes changes to the documentation. The logs are chronological, with the newest date on top. Every two weeks you can find an overview of:

  • What is new?
    Refers to new API products or features.
  • What has changed?
    Refers to minor changes or updates to existing API products or features.
  • What was fixed?
    Refers to bug fixes.

7 April 2021

In this release cycle did not have any major releases. However, we want to bring your attention to a few bug fixes.

What was fixed?

  • [Content API] Cancellation Exceptions could not be disabled (ACI-2588)

    Setting CancellationGracePeriod/@HoursAfterBooking and CancellationGracePeriod/@WeeksBeforeCheckIn to 0 via the endpoint OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotif is now correctly disabling Cancellation Exceptions.

  • [Reservations API] Guest count data missing when testing the feature guestcount_per_room (ACI-2519)

    Room level guest count data is now returned when the feature guestcount_per_room is specified as feature key in the API request header for testing purposes.

23 March 2021

This release cycle we are happy to announce the release of the Messaging API! To learn more about the Messaging API and other updates, read on:

What is new?

  • [Messaging API] Messaging solution

    We released a new and improved Messaging API which enables you to create an inbox tool to help your properties seamlessly and effectively manage their guest communications on your platform. Ready to start? Have a look at the Messaging API documentation.

    💡 Do you want to dive right into how you can build it? Have a look at our implementation use cases.

What was fixed?

  • [Reservations API] Unreadable guest names (ACI-2570)

    The names of the guests now show up without issues in the reservation messages.

  • [Reviews API] 500 errors (ACI-2498)

    The Guest reviews API endpoint no longer returns Internal Server (500) errors when calling it.

  • [Office] PCI emails not being sent (ACI-2555)

    You can receive PCI emails again, including password reset emails and PCI/PII expiration reminders.

9 March 2021

We are excited to announce the release of the Contracting API! This API intends to greatly simplify and expedite the contracting process between Accommodation Partners and Besides that, this cycle also includes the first ever migration guides. These intend to help you move from products and features that will be deprecated to new(er) alternatives. To learn more about these and other updates, read on:

What is new?

  • [Contracting API] Contracting solution

    We released a new, hybrid solution for Contracting, which includes a Contracting API and a new feature in the Connectivity Partner Portal. This solution enables you to automate new partner contracting processes with To start reading the documentation, see the Contracting API documentation.

    💡 Something extra? We included a error library for this particular product. Let us know whether this helpful and how it can be improved. To have a look, see Contracting API troubleshooting guide.

  • [Content API] Migration guides

    A migration guide is now available in the documentation to support you with implementing alternative solutions for Content API features that will be deprecated this and early next year. To learn more about what products and features will be deprecated and what new(er) alternatives you should implement, see migration guides.

What has changed?

What was fixed?

  • [Rates and Availability API] ARI not removed with feature on (ACI-2541)

    ARI is now removed when a property connects with a provider if the "Hotel must reset availability when connected" setting is active in your configuration.

  • [Content API] Double spacing in Chinese transliterations (ACI-2518)

    Transliterated Chinese names of booker and guest no longer have additional spaces in reservation XML.

23 February 2021

In this release cycle did not have any major releases. However, we want to bring your attention to a few changes to the Content API and multiple bug fixes.

What has changed?

  • [Content API] Grouping Room Amenity Type Codes

    We grouped certain Room Amenity Type Codes that refer to the same or similar amenity in the documentation. These grouped codes now internally default to the same code on For more information, see the room amenity codes documentation.

  • [Content API] Star rating for non-hotel properties in France and French Territories

    It is now possible for non-hotel properties in France and its territories (country codes FR, YT, GP, MQ, RE, and GF) to set star ratings as well. For more information, see the awards documentation.

What was fixed?

  • [Content API] Damage deposit payment method issue

    The damage deposit payment method (SecurityDepositCollectMethod) is now correctly reflected in the OTA_HotelDescriptiveInfo endpoint.

  • [Content API] Min and Max Advanced Booking Offset inaccuracy

    If you set the min and max advanced booking offset to more than the maximum allowed value of 360 days via the OTA_HotelProductNotif endpoint, it now returns a warning message in the response.

  • [Content API] Spelling mistake for action element closed

    Documentation is updated with the correct element name for closing property via Content API. To see the change, go to closing a property.

  • [Content API] Accidental removal of internet and parking policies

    Modifiying or updating property amenities no longer removes internet and parking policies.

  • [Content API] Default value of deposit collection

    Documentation now states that if property has not been verified to use credit card payments, the default value of deposit collection becomes cash regardless of setting it to credit card.

  • [Content API] Table with cancellation policy codes error

    Information on cancellation policy (code 263) in documentation table is now matching its natural language description. To learn more, see the Booking cancellation and prepayment policies.

  • [Reservations API] Rounding up issue

    Cancellation fees and other tax and charges now round up to two decimals using BXML for reservations.

  • [Promotions API] Minimum discount value inconsistency

    The documentation now correctly shows the minimum accepted discount value for mobile rates is 10%. For more information, see the mobile rate promotions documentation.