Key Collection API

Use this API to give your guests information about how can they reach property. You can set basic information about location and method itself, leave some comments and attach photos.


  • Set up primary and alternative check-in methods for your property
  • Upload photos and attach them to a check-in method
  • RESTful API that speaks JSON


You must be Content API certified to use Key Collection API. If you're a current Connectivity Partner, your account manager can help you with certification. If you're new to Connectivity, submit your details first.

Key Collection API uses the same authentication methods as other APIs.

The Key Collection API is only applicable to Booking Home property types.


  1. Retrieve possible stream variations through the stream-variations endpoint. At the moment we support these variations:

    • Primary (primary_checkin_method)
    • Secondary (alternative_checkin_method)
  2. Retrieve check-in method names through check-in-methods endpoint.

  3. Upload and manage photos (if necessary) using calls from Manage photos section, save the photo_ids that you want to use.
  4. Set the check-in methods through the set check-in method endpoint. All the data structures you need can be found at Check-In Methods Descriptions. Do not forget to attach photos to your methods using External references.

Swagger specifications

As an alternative of documentation that you see here you can also take a look at Key Collection API swagger.

Support & feedback

Need help integrating with Check-In Methods API? The experts in our Connectivity Support team are here to help.

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