Last edit: Mar 08, 2023.

The functionality supported by AreaInfo and HotelInfo > RelativePositions are soon to sunset is deprecating the functionality of specifying/retrieving nearby attractions and the property's relative position information using AreaInfo and HotelInfo > RelativePositions as of March 15, 2023, and will sunset on June 30, 2023. automatically generates the nearby places and the property's relative position information. Please see the deprecation policy documentation for more details.

This documentation section contains an API solution that is soon to sunset. You can still access the topic by clicking the expand icon.

(ACC) Attraction Category Codes (OTA 2014B) — Implemented

Used In:

Code attraction type
29 market
41 restaurant
31 mountain
25 lake
42 river
5 beach
33 seaocean
45 skilift
47 generalsupplies
73 cafebar