(BCRT) Booking.com Room Type Codes

Code Room Type Description Notes
1 Apartment Separate unit with own bathroom and kitchen/kitchenette.
4 Quadruple Unit for 4 persons
5 Suite Only "Suite" units. "Suite" have to be mentioned in the Unit name.
7 Triple Unit for 3 persons.
8 Twin Unit for 2 persons with 2 beds.
9 Double Unit for 2 persons with Double/Queen/King bed.
10 Single Unit for 1 person.
12 Studio Unit with kitchenette or kitchen.
13 Family Unit with "Family" in the unit name. It must have 2+ occupancy.
24 Twin/Double Standard Double or Twin Room.
25 Dormitory room Whole dormitory unit that is sold as one unit. "Dormitory room" needs to be mentioned in the room name.
26 Bed in Dormitory Unit for 1 person only. Please specify number of beds in the availability calls.
Note : Do not include the term "Dormitory room" in the room name. It might have collision with the above room type and might experience issues while opening the property.
Example :
'Single Bed in Dormitory Room' -> this naming causes problem,
'Single Bed in Dormitory' -> this naming works fine.
27 Bungalow Any type of bungalow units.
28 Chalet Any type of Chalet units.
29 Holiday home House, Town House, Holiday home units.
31 Villa Only Villa units. "Villa" have to be mentioned in the unit name.
32 Mobile home Any type of Mobile Home units.
33 Tent Any type of tents.