Implementing or disabling CVC collection

Use the PaymentPreferences element within the HotelDescriptiveContentNotif endpoint to enable your properties to collect the CVC or CVV (credit card verification code) of their guests.

Implementing (or disabling) CVC collection


Use the PaymentPreferences element while updating the property details (HotelDescriptiveContentNotif endpoint) to implement or disable CVC collection for a specific property.

Activate CVC collection feature is deprecated

The Activate CVC collection(capi_payment_collect_cvc) feature is deprecated. Irrespective of the feature setting, you can implement the NoCVC attribute of PaymentPreferences.

Body parameters

The following table contains the body parameters specific to enabling/disabling collecting CVC/CVV:

Element Attribute Description Type Required/Optional Notes
OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotifRQ Contains the Target attribute, which specifies the request is for a real property (Production) or a test property (Test). root element required
> HotelDescriptiveContents Contains the HotelDescriptiveContent elements. array required
>> HotelDescriptiveContent Contains details about the property. object required
HotelDescriptiveContentNotifType Specify whether the request is meant to create a new property (New) or overlay an existing one (Overlay). enumerated string optional The default value is New.
HotelCode Specifies the unique property ID. string required
>>> HotelInfo Contains the elements associated with property details and descriptions. object required
>>>> TPA_Extensions Contains elements that are seen as extensions of the OTA standard. object required
>>>>> PaymentPreferences Contains details such as whether properties can see guest's credit card details and and collect CVC codes. object optional The default value for NoCVC is 1.
NoCVC Specify whether properties can collect CVC for a booking. boolean optional * 0 - Properties can collect CVC details.
* 1 - Properties cannot collect CVC details.
ViewCCDetails Specify whether trusted properties can view the guest's credit card details. boolean optional * 0 - Properties cannot view credit card details.
* 1 - A trusted property can view the credit card details.

Request body example

You must specify the property for which you want to implement or disable CVC collection. The following is a request body example for an implementation:

<OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotifRQ Target="Production">
                        ViewCCDetails="true" />
                    <!-- NoCVC="0" means collect CVC for this property. !-->

Sample response

The following is a success response:

<OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotifRS Target="Production">
    <Success />