Beta version

This API endpoint is currently in beta. Make sure to direct any questions during the beta phase to your contact person via the appropriate channels.

Managing Facilities API

Use the Facilities API to manage facilities at both the property and room-level. supported facility types

This section lists the facility types that are supported by the Facilities API and their properties.

Single-instance facility

You can create facilities of this type as a single instance. For example, Pets_Allowed, RoomService.

Adding or deleting such facilities is by toggling the state value for the facility ID. Single-instance facilities can only contain one element in their instances array.

Here is how it looks on the Extranet.


Some single-instance facilities can include additional details. You can know more using the meta endpoint.


Multi-instance facility

Facilities that may be present in more than one instance.

Currently, Facilities API supports the following 3 multi-instance facilities: Parking (ID:2), Restaurant(ID:3) and Swimming Pool (ID:433).

For example, a property may have multiple parking garages. Each garage is a separate instance.


Tasks supported by the Facilities API

This section lists the high-level tasks you can perform using the Facilities API.

Retrieving supported facility details

Use the meta endpoint to retrieve the latest metadata information about the facilities. This endpoint returns details about both the property and room facilities including facility ID and details objects, if applicable..

The details object contains more information about the facility. For example: restaurant_details, parking_details, paymentDetails, swimming_pool_details, internet_details, kids_pool_details, on_site_details, age_limit_details, schedule_details, temporarily_closed_details, surcharge_details.

To find out more about various the facility details and their supported fields, please refer to our Open API specification.

Property-level operations

You can perform the following actions for property-level facilities:

Room-level operations

You can perform the following actions for room-level facilities: