Beta version

This API endpoint is currently in beta. Make sure to direct any questions during the beta phase to your contact person via the appropriate channels.

Troubleshooting Modernised Content APIs

This topic lists all the possible errors you might encounter while using the modernised Content APIs and how to resolve them.

Working with errors

This section captures a list of common HTTP errors you might encounter and possible solutions to fix them.

HTTP Error Code OTA Error Code Description Reason and Possible Fix
HTTP 400 Bad Request 30 Accommodation type quota exceeded. You have reached the limit to create test properties.
Try updating a test property.
HTTP 400 Bad Request 150 Changes are not permitted. Can occur due to one of the following reasons:
- The request contains a change that is not permitted given the property's current status. The response may include a duplicate property ID.
See the API validations section for the appropriate API action.
- When trying to create a contact of type general or invoices using the POST request given they already exist. Try to update the existing contacts.
HTTP 400 Bad Request 394 Invalid item. Can occur when you specify an unknown parameter in the request. Make sure to specify the right parameters.
HTTP 400 Bad Request 447 Unable to update - simultaneous updates. The API is already handling an update request from a previous call for the same property.
Retry the request after some time.
HTTP 400 Bad Request 850 Cannot create duplicate property. The API found an existing property that matches the details in the POST request.
Try providing different details.
HTTP 400 Bad Request 497 Authorization error. The request contains invalid authentication credentials.
Provide the correct authentication details.
HTTP 400 Bad Request 320 Invalid value. The API returns errors.details and errors.description that captures which part of the request body contains invalid values and a description to help you troubleshoot the error.
To know more about the exact fields with invalid values, parse the errors.details.fields. For some fields, the API also returns allowed values.
HTTP 400 Bad Request 321 Required field missing. Use the errors.details and errors.description field to identify the missing required fields and a description to help you troubleshoot the error.
To know more about the exact fields with missing values, parse the errors.details.fields.
HTTP 400 Bad Request 450 Unable to process Can occur due to one of the following reasons:
- Incorrect endpoint URL/HTTP method or invalid JSON body. Make sure to use the correct endpoint URL/HTTP method or check if the request has a valid JSON body
- Specifying Contract as a contact_profiles.type. Because this contact type is not supported while using the Contacts API, use a different contact type.
HTTP 404 Not Found 635 Not found Make sure to use the correct property ID or check whether you have provided valid credentials to access the property details.