Content API overview

Content API allows you to create and modify properties on Connect your software to Content API to enable your users to register their property and modify their content directly in your interface, without using the extranet. This includes managing their facilities, rates, and rooms.


Use Content API to:

  • Manage room type content.
  • Manage property content.
  • open and close properties.

Getting started with Content API

Content API offers 8 different products, letting you choose the functions most relevant to your business. Each product is designed for a specific use case, such as onboarding new properties. Learn more in the Partner Help Centre.

Developers may want to try our tutorial for creating a property and adding content to it. After that, they can try the more specific tasks listed in the table of contents.

Going live

Before you go live with your Content API integration, we recommend contacting your account manager or the Connectivity Support team at

Support & feedback

Need help integrating with Content API? The experts in our Connectivity Support team are here to help.

Have ideas for how we can improve your experience of using the API? To give us your feedback:

  1. Log in to the Connectivity Portal
  2. In the top menu, click .
  3. Select Give Feedback.