Managing properties

To manage properties effectively, you must understand the concepts and workflows on this page. Further below, you'll also find a list of essential tasks.

Property creation workflow

Creating and opening a property is a process of multiple steps. During these steps, the property passes through a number of statuses.

The following diagram shows the steps you need to take. Each swimlane represents a property status.

Activity diagram showing the steps and statuses between creating a property and opening it

Our tutorial covers most of these steps and is a good place to start if you're new to this process.


If you're using Content API to manage properties, you'll want to start with these tasks.

Creating a property from scratch

Follow these steps to build an entirely new property for display on

  1. Create a property
  2. Create a room type
  3. Create a rate plan
  4. Connect a room and rate
  5. Specify availability
  6. Open a property

Advanced property tasks

These are optional tasks which you can do in any order:

Monitoring & reporting for properties

These are some things you may want to do after successfully creating a property: