Managing properties

To manage properties effectively, you must understand the concepts and workflows on this page. Further below, you'll also find a list of essential tasks.

Property creation workflow

Creating and opening a property is a process of multiple steps. During these steps, the property passes through a number of statuses.

The following diagram shows the steps you need to take. Each swimlane represents a property status.

Activity diagram showing the steps and statuses between creating a property and opening it

Our tutorial covers most of these steps and is a good place to start if you're new to this process.

To create properties on behalf of a client, you need a legal entity ID for that client. You don't need a legal entity ID to update existing properties.

You acquire a legal entity ID by having the client click your unique affiliate link and fill out an online form. If you don't have an affiliate link, you can request one from Connectivity Support.

The entire process looks like this:

Diagram showing the steps involved in getting a legal entity ID

To see what legal entity IDs you already have, use /xml/legalentities[b_xml-getlegalentities].


If you're using Content API to manage properties, you'll want to start with these tasks.

Creating a property from scratch

Follow these steps to build an entirely new property for display on

  1. Create a property
  2. Create a room type
  3. Create a rate plan
  4. Connect a room and rate
  5. Specify availability
  6. Open a property

Advanced property tasks

These are optional tasks which you can do in any order:

Monitoring & reporting for properties

These are some things you may want to do after successfully creating a property: