Get pending threads

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This product is currently on hold. Unfortunately, this means we will not provide support or certify any new providers until the hold is released.

Get an overview of pending threads (i.e. threads with unread messages) with /global_counters.

Use this endpoint if you want a numeric summary of threads involving this participant. This includes the number of pending threads, the number of reservations with pending threads, and the number of threads with unread messages for this user.

Before you start

You'll need:

The authorisation token you use determines for which properties you retrieve pending threads. If the token is valid for all properties, then the response also applies to all properties. If the token is valid for just one property, the response applies to that property.


HTTP request


Request body

  "auth": "{{MessagingAPIAuthToken}}"

See Messaging API reference for details.


  "counters": {
    "pending": 0,
    "pending_reservations": 0,
    "unread": 2

See Messaging API reference for details.

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