Mark message as no reply needed

Hold Notice

This product is currently on hold. Unfortunately, this means we will not provide support or certify any new providers until the hold is released.

You can mark a message in a thread as no reply needed.

Sometimes, guest send messages that don't need an answer, for example a "thank you" message. If the message is not answered from property side, the thread will stay in "pending_property" status and will stay in your list_recent thread list. Use this endpoint to indicate that you acknowledged the message and that it doesn't require any further action.

Before you start

Instead of marking individual messages as read/unread, like you might do in an email client, the Messaging API expects you to mark messages in a thread as no reply needed in case they don't need any reply.

To complete this task, you'll need:


HTTP request


Request body

  "thread": {
    "type": "Contextual",
    "id": "{{ThreadID}}",
    "auth": "{{MessagingAPIAuthToken}}",
  "message_id": "{{MessageID}}",
  "type": "NoReplyNeeded",
  "action": {
    "hotelreservation_id": "{{ReservationID}}"
  "sender": {
      "type": "hotel",
      "hotel_id": "{{hotelId}}"

See Messaging API reference for details.


  "__time_took_in_intercom_handler_ms": 352,
  "fallback": "{{NewMessageID}}",
  "message": {
    "event_type": "no_reply_needed",
    "text": "Marked as no reply needed",
    "type": "Event"
  "message_id": "{{NewMessageID}}",
  "thread_id": "{{ThreadID}}",
  "time": 1545035891

See Messaging API reference for details.