Retrieve opportunities

You can retrieve a list of opportunities and details required to render them in your interface. Note that not all hotels are eligible for all opportunities.


For reference, this is how an opportunity looks on the Opportunity Centre page on Each of the parameters in the response can be used to design the interface on the Channel Manager interface.

HTTP Request


See Opportunity API reference for details.

Request headers

Header Description Type Required Notes
Authorization Machine account username and password string Required Example: Authorization: Basic {username:password}
Accept-Language Desired language of the response. enum Optional Two character language codes

Request body

This request has no body. All parameters are specified in the URL and headers.

See Opportunity API reference for details.

Response body

  "data": {
    "opportunities": [{
      "opportunity_id": "free_wifi",
      "title": "Show guests that your property offers free Wi-Fi",
      "description": "WiFi is one of the most requested features by modern travellers. Meet demand and make properties more attractive by showing potential guests that they offer free Wifi included in the stay.",
      "instructions": "Just enable by clicking the button",
      "image": "",
      "cta": "Enable",
      "implementation": "TOGGLE",
      "url": "",
      "destination_api": "Content API"
  "meta": {
    "ruid": "UmFuZG9tSVYkc2RlIyh9YbvPzfY4dZasPGAUcglKEyRzk2/HbSzspV7O+mQdkB4hP2dlEyQkjV+iI71VQFka7vNa5MAta305nepI2yvXTv4="
  "errors": [],
  "warnings": []

See Opportunity API reference for details.