Photo API

Connect your software to our Photo API to enable your users to manage their photos through your interface. You can synchronise photos at property and room level, either in bulk or one at a time. Add and remove photos, change the order in which they appear in galleries, and choose which photo is used to promote the property when travellers search on


  • Add and modify photos for a property (in bulk).
  • Add, remove, and order photos in the galleries of properties and rooms.
  • Retrieve and modify metadata for existing photos.
  • RESTful API that speaks JSON.

For more information about this API's benefits, see our Connectivity Partner Handbook.

Getting started

You must be Content API certified to use Photo API. If you're a current Connectivity Partner, your account manager can help you with certification. If you're new to Connectivity, submit your details first.

Already certified? The GET methods in the Photo API reference form a good introduction to the API. Read Working with Photo API before trying the POST methods.

Photo API uses the same authentication methods as other APIs.

Working with Photo API

This section explains essential concepts for working with this API. In addition to this section, also see:

  • the example requests and responses on the pages in the table of contents (on the left);
  • our Photo API reference, offering a full overview of the API's endpoints, parameters, etc.

Uploading photos

Uploading photos is not instantaneous. When you upload photos, they are first placed in a queue, so we can run duplication checks and other tests.

Most of the time, you'll follow these steps:

  1. Add photos to upload queue.
  2. Check status of queued photos.
  3. When upload finishes, get photo's unique ID.
  4. Using photo_id, add photo to gallery.

Data model

To work with Photo API, you must understand the relationship between photos, galleries, rooms, and properties. Here is an example:

Photo API data model

The above diagram shows:

  • One property, with two room types attached (bottom).
  • A property-level gallery and two room-level galleries (middle).
  • Two photos, belonging to the property (top).

Although all photos have a property_id, that doesn't mean they automatically appear on the property's page on You must first add them to a gallery.

The two photos above have been added to multiple galleries. Both appear in the property-level gallery. Each photo also appears in a different room-level gallery.

The diagram doesn't show every field each object can have. For more fields, see the Photo API reference.

Photo galleries

Uploaded photos won't appear on unless you add them to a gallery. Each property has one property-level gallery, and one or more room-level galleries. You can put the same photo in multiple galleries.

Going live

Before you go live with your Photo API integration, we recommend contacting your account manager or the Connectivity Support team.

Support & feedback

Need help integrating with Photo API? The experts in our Connectivity Support team are here to help.

Have ideas for how we can improve your experience of using Photo API? To give us your feedback:

  1. Log in to the Connectivity Portal
  2. In the top menu, click .
  3. Select Give Feedback.