Trouble shooting error codes

This section enables you to troubleshoot the possible errors you can encounter when working with the Photo API.

Let us know if you encounter other errors

If you encounter errors that are not addressed in this guide, reach out to Customer Support and we can add those errors to this guide.

200 errors

The following codes are errors that occur with a 200 code.


When trying to set the main photo with the /photo-api/properties/{property_id}/gallery endpoint, the PHOTO_NOT_ENABLED error signals that the action was unsuccessful. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the photo to be processed, so try again later.

    "meta": {
        "ruid": "UmFGT679tetc"
    "data": {
        "success": 0
    "warnings": [],
    "errors": [{
        "code": "PHOTO_NOT_ENABLED",
        "message": "The specified photo is not yet ready to be assigned as the main photo. Please try after some time!",
        "details": {
            "photo": ["hcbcFgLumXc"]

401 errors


Error Text: Access denied

The credentials provided in the request was not sufficient for a successful authentication check. To fix a failed authentication request, see the Authentication page.

403 errors


Error Text: This account doesn't have access to this property

Possible reasons are, you are trying to send updates: - for a property with the wrong hotel ID. - using machine account that do not have access to the specified hotel ID. - for a property which is no longer connected to your interface.

Make sure to specify the correct hotel ID or check your machine account credentials. You can then follow the steps:
1. Check if the property is connected to you in the Provider Portal.
2. Check if the connection status is active in the ‘Properties’ tab in the Provider Portal, using the property ID.
3. Check if the property is added to the machine account you use under ‘Machine Accounts’ in the Provider Portal.
To know more about how to use the Provider Portal for the above actions, take a look at this self-help guide.

500 errors


Error Text: Internal server error

Possible reason may be that systems are experiencing temporary outage. Try calling the endpoint after some time.