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This API endpoint is currently in beta. Make sure to direct any questions during the beta phase to your contact person via the appropriate channels.

Implementation use cases

This section contains use cases and scenarios to help you implement the Policies API.

Assigning a cancellation policy to a roomrate

The diagram below shows how a property with the following resources can create 3 or more roomrates:

  • 2 room types
  • 2 rate plans, and
  • 2 policies

Note that the property has created 3 roomrates each with a combination of room type, rate plan and a cancellation policy. You can specify any combination of existing room types, rate plans and cancellation policies to create more than one roomrate.

Understand Policy API

Figure 1. A simplified view of how room type, rate plan and policy interact to create a roomrate.

Cancellation policies are assigned at the roomrate level

Policies are assigned on the roomrate level using a policy ID. When creating a roomrate, you must select an existing room type, rate plan and a policy (if you do not want the API to assign the default policy).

Policy change impacts roomrates

The Policies API enables you to change the details of a policy even when it is assigned to a roomrate. After the change, the roomrate uses the updated policy rules. The following figure shows how changing a policy impacts the existing roomrates with the policy assigned to them.

Actions on policies

Figure 2. Actions on a policy.

Use cases

The following use case aims to capture the most common usage scenario of policies by a property.

Scenario 1

Implementation steps

Scenario 2

Implementation steps

Support and feedback

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What's Next?

→ To create a policy, see Creating a policy.

→ To modify policy details, see Changing policy details.