Property statuses

As you create and manage properties with Content API, each property will pass through various statuses. This page lists all possible property statuses and gives recommendations on what to do for each status.

You can check the status of a property at any time with /ota/OTA_HotelSearch. Your goal should always be the status Open / bookable. Only with this status will a property appear on

Common statuses

These statuses will occur frequently, as part of the normal property creation process.

Property status Description Recommended actions
Open / bookable Visitors of can see and book the property. None, unless you want to close the property.
Test Hotel The property is for test purposes only. None. A test property can have only this status. It can never become a "real" property.
XML: Being built The property was successfully created using the API, but needs more content before it can open. Run checks to see what content the property is still missing.
XML: Ready to check The property's content is complete and waiting for final checks by Wait for to change the status to XML: Ready to open. We do this once a day, in batches.
XML: Ready to open The property's content has been checked and approved by Open the property.

Changing property content in different statuses

Do not lose potential bookings when updating property content

If you want to change or update property content, you should not close the property. You can make the necessary changes when open / bookable, with a few exceptions that you can only do in status XML: Being built.

Once your property is Open / bookable, you can change or update any property content with the following exceptions :

  • The following can only be updated in XML: Being built status or for Test Hotel:
    • The property's physical address.
    • The property's geographical location (in longitude and latitude).
    • The property's LanguageCode
  • The following can be updated in any status that is not Open / bookable
    • Tax policies for VAT, City Tax, and TAX

If you need to change any of the preceding information, contact your local partner services (LPS) team.

Uncommon statuses

These statuses shouldn't occur frequently, but can be part of a property's natural life-cycle.

Property status Description Recommended actions
Auto closed (availability) We automatically closed the property because it has no rooms available for any dates in the next 365 days. Replenish the property's availability, then re-open the property. We recommend specifying at least 12 months of availability for each property. Properties in this status can also go open bookable automatically within the next 24 hours after availability was replenished.
Closed (requested by hotel) You or someone else temporarily closed the property, thereby hiding it from travellers on Re-open the property (if the reasons for closing are removed).
XML: Auto closed content We automatically closed the property because its content was modified in such a way that the content no longer passes our checks. Run checks on the property's content to see what the problem is.
XML: Hotel is Duplicate We closed the property because it is identical to an existing property. Contact the client for whom you created the property. It's possible they already registered the property on and merely need to connect it to you.
Closed Operations Temporary -
End of contract -

Other statuses

These statuses should occur almost never. If they do, please contact us.

Property status Notes
Auto closed (content) Not to be confused with XML: Auto closed content.
Auto closed (geo) -
Auto closed: Fraud -
Being built (content) Not to be confused with XML: Being built.
Being built (on hold) Not to be confused with XML: Being built.
Being built Not to be confused with XML: Being built.
Business Integrity Operations -
Change of Ownership Closed -
Closed - legal compliance -
Closed - ready to reopen -
Closed - waiting DD mandate -
Closed (bankruptcy) -
Closed (complaints) -
Closed (invoice not paid) -
Closed (rejected direct debit) -
Closed for abuse -
Closed for Fraud - Blocking Billing -
Closed for fraud -
Closed Forever Book-Off -
Closed forever: technical reasons -
Closed forever -
Closed Operations Permanently -
Closed Post Legal -
Closed: Suspicious activity -
Collecting Agency Closed -
Contract Signed -
Duplicate Not to be confused with XML: Hotel is Duplicate.
Interested -
New to open (Acc. Manager -
New: To be Contacted -
Not Eligible -
Not interested -
Parked business -
Pending approval - BV -
Ready to be built -
Ready to open -
Registered -
RTO: Credit Control review required -
RTO: Fraud suspicious -
SB: Invitation sent -
SB: Not synced -
SB: Pending Fraud Blacklist check -
Switching currency -
Temp. closed for technical reasons -