Create requests and test using a Test property

This page provides high-level steps on how to create an RTB request and test using a test property.

Steps to create request on a test property and test the API:

  1. Access the following URL replacing the placeholder with the ID of the property on{TEST_HOTEL_ID}
  2. Select a date where the stay date is 2 or more days in the future.
  3. Once the request has been sent, copy the request ID from page URL query parameter: &request={YOUR_RTB_REQUEST_ID} and use it to update the request. Alternatively, you can get all the RTB requests from the list endpoint.

Page redirecting to search results page

If the page redirects you to the search results page, that indicates a lack of availability on the selected check-in date & number of nights. Make sure there is availability by going to the property's Extranet page.

Please observe the following constraints when using this testing approach

  • Only works for test properties. Real properties must use the normal flow via the property page.
  • The single room restriction is not applied at the form but it's still enforced later. So you can only make requests for a single room.
  • Login is required, anonymous requests are not allowed.
  • You need to have the unique URL of your property generated on before you can start creating RTB requests. This is only needed for test properties. For live properties, it'll be auto generated.