Onboarding an eligible partner to RTB

This page provides few guidelines on how to onboard partners to the Request To Book booking flow.

Inform partners about how the product works

Before bringing a partner on board with Request to Book, the Connectivity Provider must inform the partner about how the product works. To inform the partner about the Request to Book product, the Connectivity Provider must show the following text on the provider interface when onboarding a partner:

When using request to book, the booking process will be as follows:
*  Guests who want to make booking with the checkin that is more than 48 hours in the future will be able to find your apartment and send the booking request.
*  You'll have 24 hours to accept or decline the request.
*  Guests will have 24 hours to finish their booking and confirm their stay.

This is how Booking.com shows the above text in our registration flow when the partner selects the Request To Book option.

Information to show while onboarding properties to RTB

Partners should be aware that they are expected to take action on the request within 24 hours by either approving or rejecting it.

Inform partners about non-discrimination policy

Connectivity providers must inform their partners that when they use Request to Book, they are subject to the same non-discrimination policy as partners who do not use a connectivity provider.

The following text and non-discrimination policy must be displayed to partners each time they accept or decline a reservation request on the provider interface:

By accepting or declining this request, you acknowledge that you are doing so in accordance with Booking.com's non-discrimination policy.

This is how Booking.com displays the disclaimer in the Extranet. You should also display this disclaimer on your request detail page (where partners accept or decline the request).

Non discrimination policy to show on request detail page

Example OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotif call

The following example shows a request snippet that creates a property with the Request To Book booking flow.

<OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotifRQ ...>  
      HotelName="RtB Property 1001"    
                <BookingModel Type="RTB"/>  

The OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotif endpoint returns a successful message if the property is eligible for Request to Book. For more information on the eligibility criteria for a property to qualify to support Request to Book, see the eligibility criteria.

Refer to the Content API documentation to better understand how to use the HDCN endpoint.