Request To Book API overview

Use this API to provide Request to Book (RTB) functionality for connected partners.

What is Request To Book (RTB)?

Request to Book is a new booking flow feature that offers you full control over managing booking requests. Unlike Instant Booking, where guests can book a property directly, Request to Book requires guests to send a booking request that the connected partner must then accept or decline. The goal is to provide partners with an additional level of trust when welcoming guests into their home.

How does a typical Request To Book (RTB) flow look?

This section covers the general steps that guests and a connected partner should take before an RTB reservation is confirmed, provided the property is qualified and enabled to receive RTB bookings:

  1. Guests who want to stay at the partner's property send them a booking request at least three days before check-in.
  2. Partner receives a booking request notification and has 24 hours to accept or decline it.
  3. If the partner accepts the request, the guest has 24 hours to complete their booking and confirm their stay. If they don’t complete the booking in time, the request will expire and no reservation will be made.

RTB availability is shown only when stays are 3 days ahead

Guests can only view properties using the Request to Book feature if they’re searching for stays with a check-in date more than three days away. If a guest wants to make a last-minute booking, they can only book an Instant Booking property.

Important: You won’t be able to communicate directly with the guest until the booking is made by the guest. Messaging is, as of now, only available for confirmed reservations.

For more information, see the FAQs section in the Request To Book article in Partner Hub.

Request to Book flow diagram