Troubleshooting and list of error codes

Working with errors

This section captures a list of common HTTP errors you might encounter and possible solutions to fix them.

HTTP Error Code Error Text Reason Possible Fix
HTTP 400 Hotel reservation has transaction message of the wrong type Possible reasons are, you are trying to:
- acknowledge a message that is no longer the latest for that given reservation
- acknowledge a message using the wrong endpoint. For example, acknowledging a modification via the new reservations endpoint.
Query the Reservations API again to fetch the latest message. Use the POST OTA_HotelResNotif endpoint to acknowledge a new reservation or use the POST OTA_HotelResModifyNotif endpoint to acknowledge a modification or a cancellation.
HTTP 403 Access denied for hotel The specified hotel ID is invalid or the machine account credentials do not have access to the specified hotel ID. Make sure to specify the correct hotel ID or check your machine account credentials.
HTTP 404 Hotel reservation was not found This error can only occur while requesting a reservation by specifying the reservation ID in the request. Possible reasons are:
- The specified reservation does not exist.
- The reservation does exist, but the property is no longer connected to the provider.
The second scenario is very unlikely and the only possibile fix is to retrieve the reservation using the extranet.
HTTP 409 Response token 'token' for hotel reservation 'ID' does not match. please pull again." This message implies that there were changes to the reservation details since you last retrieved the message. You can see this message only if the feature OTA hotel reservation response token (ota_res_response_token) is on. You can turn it on by using the Provider portal. You must retrieve the reservation details again by specifying the reservation ID in the OTA_HotelResNotif or OTA_HotelResModifyNotif call. When acknowleding such messages, make sure to copy and paste both the <HotelReservationID> elements from the GET response.
HTTP 410 Hotel reservation is no longer available for delivery This error can only occur while trying to retrieve a very old reservation by specifying the reservation ID in the request. Check if the queried reservation ID is correct. Try querying a different reservation message by its ID.
HTTP 500 Internal server error Possible reason may be that systems are experiencing temporary outage. Try calling the endpoint after some time.