Access reviews iframe

Retrieve a URL for an HTML iframe containing guest reviews and hotelier replies.

Use the URL as the src attribute of an iframe element, or load it in a native webview. It should be embedded within the inteface of a property management system.

The URL contains a token which usable for three hours. If the page remains open for so long, it is necessary to load a new iframe with a new token. If the URL returns an error, the token may have expired.

HTTP request


See Review API reference for details.

Request headers

Header Description Type Required Notes
Authorization Machine account username and password string Required Example: Authorization: Basic {username:password}

Request body

This request has no body. All parameters are specified in the path.

See Review API reference for details.

Response body

  "data": {
    "iframe_url": ""
  "errors": [],
  "meta": {
    "ruid": "UmFuZG9tSVYkc2Rl...="
  "warnings": []

See Review API reference for details.