Understanding room type and rate plan management

This section aims to clarify what the room type and rate plan management API consists of and what you can do with it.

Basic definitions

The following definitions cover the basics when it comes to room type and rate plan management:

  • Room type: A room type is a label or category used to organise physical rooms. An example is: Double room.
  • Rate plan: A rate plan is a label or category used to organise prices. An example is: Non-refundable rate.
  • Rate relation or derived rate plan: A rate relation or derived rate plan is a rate plan that acts as a child to a specific parent rate plan, in which it can follow the parent rate plan in the way you specify.
  • Cancellation policy: A cancellation policy is a policy type that specifies the cancellation penalty conditions. The penalty conditions are enforced when a guest cancels a reservation. Cancellation policies are created on the property level and assigned on the roomrate level. For more information, see Policies API overview.
  • Conditions: In addition to policies, conditions include other restrictions and meal plan inclusion that you can set when creating a roomrate.
  • Roomrate: A roomrate is a unique combination of a room type, rate plan, policy and conditions.
  • Inventory: Inventory, also known as availability, is when you specify per roomrate how many rooms you want to sell at what price for a specific date (or set of days). When sending inventory, you can also set further restrictions that specify under which conditions the inventory can be sold.

What is room type and rate plan management?

Room type and rate plan management refers to managing the inventory of properties via a set of API endpoints. This includes the following main sections:


The room type and rate plan management API uses the same authentication methods as other APIs.