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This documentation section will soon become deprecated. To know more about room type and rate plan managmeent, consult [the new room type and management API management documentation](/room-type-and-rate-plan-management/understanding-room-types-and-rate-plans/

Activate a rate plan

After a rate plan has been deactivated, you may want to activate it again. Use /ota/OTA_HotelRatePlanNotif to activate rates.

Activating a rate plan does not return roomrates and availability

If you activate a deactivated rate plan, you must create new roomrates (products) and then push availability again.

Before you start

You need:


HTTP request


Request body

Provide an OTA_HotelRatePlanNotifRQ object in the request body. Example:

<OTA_HotelRatePlanNotifRQ xmlns="" MessageContentCode="8" Version="1.005" TimeStamp="2015-06-09T11:53:48" >
  <RatePlans HotelCode="{PropertyID}" >
    <RatePlan RatePlanNotifType="Activate" RatePlanCode="{RatePlanID}" />


The response contains an OTA_HotelRatePlanNotifRS object:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<OTA_HotelRatePlanNotifRS xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" OTA_HotelRatePlanNotifRS.xsd" TimeStamp="2015-09-30T13:49:52-00:00" Target="Production" Version="3.000">
  <Success />

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