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This documentation section will soon become deprecated. To know more about room type and rate plan managmeent, consult the new room type and management API management documentation.

Create a room type

A room type contains a room's physical characteristics, such as its size, the amenities it offers, and how many of its type exist at the property. Use /ota/OTA_HotelInvNotif to create room types.

Before you start

This example shows how to create a basic double room. If you're working with an independent property (such as a holiday home or apartment), you may need to create a multi-bedroom setup instead.

To complete this task, you need:

Kitchen(ette) required

Room types in the following Property Class Types require a kitchen(ette) to become open and bookable:

  • Apartment (3)
  • Aparthotel (5000)
  • Condominium (8, but changed to 3)

For room types in the following Property Class Types a kitchen(ette) is highly recommended:

  • Holiday home (5006)
  • Holiday park (5009)
  • Lodge (22)
  • Villa (35)


HTTP request


Request body

Future deprecation of HotelInvNotif photo functionality

Adding and modifying photos through OTA_HotelInvNotif entered the sunset phase as of September 16, 2020. This means that to keep managing photos you must switch to the Photo API before September 16, 2021, when this functionality is fully depecrated.

Provide an OTA_HotelInvNotifRQ object in the request body. Example:

<OTA_HotelInvNotifRQ xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="6.000" id="OTA2014B" TransactionIdentifier="5" Target="Production">
    <SellableProducts HotelCode="{PropertyID}">
        <SellableProduct InvStatusType="Initial">
                <Occupancy MaxOccupancy="2" MaxAdultOccupancy="2" MaxChildOccupancy="1"/>
                <Quantities MaximumAdditionalGuests="1" MaxCribs="1" MaxRollaways="0">
                <Room NonSmoking="1" RoomType="Double" SizeMeasurement="16" />
                      <Amenity AmenityCode="61"/>
                      <Amenity AmenityCode="69" Value="1"/>
                      <Amenity AmenityCode="33" Value="2"/>
                <RoomLocation RoomLocationCode="2">
                            <Floor Number="4" />
                            <Floor Number="7" />
                            <Floor Number="9" />
                    <Text>Deluxe Double Room with Sea View</Text>
                    <!-- We recommended uploading at least 4 room photos (2048x1536px, landscape) -->


The response contains an OTA_HotelInvNotifRS object:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<OTA_HotelInvNotifRS xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" OTA_HotelInvNotifRS.xsd" TimeStamp="2019-07-31T13:46:52-00:00" Target="Production" Version="3.000">
        <InventoryCrossRef ResponseInvCode="{RoomTypeID}" />
    <Success />

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