Create a room type

A room type contains a room's physical characteristics, such as its size, the amenities it offers, and how many of its type exist at the property. Use /ota/OTA_HotelInvNotif to create room types.

Before you start

This example shows how to create a basic double room. If you're working with an independent property (such as a holiday home or apartment), you may need to create a multi-bedroom setup instead.

To complete this task, you need:


HTTP request


Request body

Provide an OTA_HotelInvNotifRQ object in the request body. Example:

<OTA_HotelInvNotifRQ xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="6.000" id="OTA2014B" TransactionIdentifier="5" Target="Production">
    <SellableProducts HotelCode="{PropertyID}">
        <SellableProduct InvStatusType="Initial">
                <!-- MaxOccupancy: Maximum number of guests-->
                <Occupancy MaxOccupancy="2"/>
                <Room NonSmoking="1" RoomType="Double" SizeMeasurement="16" />
                      <Amenity AmenityCode="61"/>
                      <Amenity AmenityCode="69" Value="1"/>
                      <Amenity AmenityCode="33" Value="2"/>
                <RoomLocation RoomLocationCode="2">
                            <Floor Number="4" />
                            <Floor Number="7" />
                            <Floor Number="9" />
                    <Text>Deluxe Double Room with Sea View</Text>
                    <!-- We recommended uploading at least 4 room photos (2048x1536px, landscape) -->


The response contains an OTA_HotelInvNotifRS object:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<OTA_HotelInvNotifRS xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" OTA_HotelInvNotifRS.xsd" TimeStamp="2019-07-31T13:46:52-00:00" Target="Production" Version="3.000">
        <InventoryCrossRef ResponseInvCode="{RoomTypeID}" />
    <Success />

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