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Epilogue – What's next?

If you had been creating a real property, you would now send a request to open it. We would then make some final checks on our side and change its status to Open Bookable. The property would then appear on Booking.com.

But this was a test run. You have taken your property as far as you can take it. More importantly, you now understand the basics of using the Booking.com Connectivity APIs.

Consider doing these things next:

  • Try creating another property, but this time use OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotifRQ[@Target="Production"] (instead of "Test"), to see its status change to Ready to Check on the final step.
  • Study the sample requests for OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotif. This is one of our most complex endpoints, so there's much to learn.
  • Read about the other API modules, such as Rates & Availability, Reservations, and Promotions.
  • Build a simple feature in your own software that uses the API to push availability to Booking.com.
  • Try creating a test reservation on your test property.

If you intend to become a certified Connectivity Partner, your account manager can tell you what steps to take next.

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