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Step 6 – Push availability

You have created your property, set up rooms and rates, and combined them into products. The final thing you need to do is push availability. That means: specify the dates on which the property's rooms are available to book. We recommend pushing availability for at least one year in advance.

Use this method and URL to specify availability:


Length of Stay pricing

If you support Length of Stay (LOS) pricing, use the endpoint [csv/los_pricing][csv-los_pricing] instead. The example below will not work for LOS pricing. Your call may get a successful response, but you'll have problems later.

Most Booking.com Connectivity Partners do not support LOS pricing. Ask your account manager if you're not sure.

Sample request

  <!-- Replace the {PlaceHolders} in the following lines! -->
  <room id="{RoomTypeID}">
    <date from="{YYYY-MM-DD}" to="{YYYY-MM-DD}">
      <rate id="{RatePlanID}"/>

Why does this request look different?

The Partner Supply API uses two XML standards: OTA and B.XML. The Rates & Availability module has endpoints for both standards, but this example uses B.XML. That means you'll see some differences in body structure, object names, and case (upper versus lower). Learn more about OTA and B.XML.

Sample response

A successful response only says ok:

<!-- RUID: [UmFuZG9...] -->

Learn more about the last call here: availability

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